Actian VectorH Express

Transform Hadoop into a high performance, fully functional analytics platform with the Actian VectorH Express.  Analyze Hadoop data faster and deliver enterprise-grade SQL access to business users.  Actian VectorH Express is a free community version of the Actian Analytics Platform that runs natively in Hadoop. Yes, that’s right, Hadoop analytics with industrialized SQL access, for free!  

Actian VectorH Express includes the following capabilities:
  • Analytics Workbench - quickly build visual workflows to prepare, blend, and analyze Hadoop data 
  • Data Flow Engine - execute analytic workflows 10x+ faster than MapReduce, without coding
  • Analytics Database - run SQL queries natively in Hadoop against Terabytes of data in seconds
We’ve taken our record-breaking vector-based columnar analytics database and extended it to run natively on the Hadoop HDFS nodes using YARN for resource management.   

Key Benefits
  • Speed time to value for Hadoop projects - accelerate the move to production
  • Analyze data faster without coding - explore more data and test new predictive models
  • Give business users industrialized SQL access - improve decision-making using new insights  
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  • Actian VectorH Express requires a Linux based Hadoop cluster for installation
  • It can also be installed on single-node Hadoop cluster configured for pseudo-distributed mode
  • Most Enterprise Hadoop vendors provide a sandbox/quick start VM with Hadoop pre-installed and VectorH Express can be installed on top of the VM
  • For more details, read the System Requirements 
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Stressing over how to analyze all that data stored in Hadoop?  Under pressure from business users clamoring for SQL access to Hadoop data?

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