Unlock the Value from Big Data
Join Actian Corporation and guest Forrester Research, Inc. analyst, for a discussion on the advantages of Big Data Analytics, and hear how Analytics is driving transformative changes. It’s a time of tremendous opportunity. It’s not just the velocity and volume of information to deal with , it’s the new types of information with unprecedented structured and unstructured data about an organization’s every interaction with customers, partners and employees and the ready availability of Hadoop as an affordable, scalable repository for diverse and massive datasets. The time is right to design and implement an easily adopted, high-performance architecture for rapid, deep analytics.

In this Webinar, learn about:

  • Big data analytics use cases – where the value is and how it is achieved
  • Industry-specific business challenges and use cases for big data analytics
  • Barriers to effectiveness and solutions to overcome them

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear how customers large and small are navigating the challenges of big data 2.0, and how they are using the power of predictive analytics to deliver real business value.

Exclusive Webinar:
Actian and guest
Forrester Research
Featured Speakers
Mike Gualtieri
Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Jim Hare
Senior Director
Product Marketing

Webinar Details
Date:         March 28, 2014

Duration:   60 Minutes

Time:         11:00am PDT
                  2:00pm EDT
                  6:00pm GMT
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