Welcome to the 2014 Actian Technical User Group Conference

Date: Tuesday, 7 October
Location: London, Novotel London West
Time: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Who: Engineers, Developers, Tech Support, QA
Cost: Free!
Where to Register: 2014 Actian Technical User Group Registration

We have a full day scheduled starting with registration at 8:30 and ending at 5:15 PM. The conference will begin with General Sessions and then split into specific groups for Ingres, OpenROAD and PSQL.

General Sessions

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Speaker: Volker John, Vice President of Engineering, Actian

Keynote: Actian Analytics Platform
Learn about Actian's approach to Big Data 2.0 with the Actian Analytics Platform (AAP) and how Ingres, PSQL and Versant developers can take advantage of the AAP and add value to their applications.
Speaker: Emma McGrattan, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Actian

Actian Analytics Platform Demonstration
Knime based demonstration of connecting to Ingres, PSQL and Versant along with a simple analytic result.
Chris Clark, Manager Engineering, Actian


What's New and What's Next Ingres 10.2 and OpenROAD 6.2 (Session for Ingres and OpenROAD)
This general session will cover everything you need to know about what's new in Ingres (new geospatial data types, connection enhancements, performance tuning features, and lots more) and OpenROAD 6.2's big application UI enhancements.
Speakers: Alex Hanshaw, Director of Engineering, Actian, Joseph Kronk, Senior Architect, Actian, and Chris Clark, Manager Engineering, Actian

Code Sprint Review (Session for Ingres and OpenROAD)
We're hosting an Ingres and OpenROAD code sprint immediately prior to the user meeting. This session will cover the targets and results.
Speakers: Alex Hanshaw, Director of Engineering, Actian and Joseph Kronk, Senior Architect, Actian

New Analytics Features in 10.2
Recent releases of Ingres have incorporated a succession of new features targeted at analytic applications. This session presents an overview of some of these features, including window functions, GROUP BY enhancements, derived tables and common table expressions.
Speaker: Doug Inkster, Actian Fellow, Actian

A Short Tale of a Long Adventure
This session will cover usage, restrictions, how values are stored, problems encountered, and introducing inline longs in Ingres 10.2.
Speaker: Geraint Jones, DB Administrator, Oxford University

Solution Services Implemented: TNT MARS (Major Accounts Reporting Solutions)
This session will cover the implementation of the Major Accounts Reporting solution delivered by Actian for TNT Express ICS, the European market leader in global express, logistics and international mail services. MARS delivers data from an Ingres distributed database system via HVR to Vector, which feeds the MARS BI front end for the user's reporting framework.
Speaker: David Iosson, Project Manager, Actian and David Coote, Senior Consultant, Actian

The MERGE Statement
The new MERGE statement gives the ability to insert, update, and delete in a single statement. This presentation will discuss motivation and usage of MERGE, along with some interesting aspects of the implementation.
Speaker: Karl Schendel, Software Development Architect, Actian

DBMS Authentication, Remote GCA and UTF-8 Transliteration
(Session for Ingres and OpenROAD)
HP supports many customers running various version of Ingres on different platforms. These customers need to be on the latest (or previous) version so that HP can provide full Enterprise service levels. To offer this level of support, HP must keep abreast of the latest hardware and software as it becomes available. HP has been experimenting with Ingres 10.2 since it became generally available to learn its capabilities and to learn what new measures are needed to support it. This presentation will look at three new features in release 10.2 – DBMS Authentication,Remote GCA, and UTF-8 Transliteration.
Speaker: Richard David, ITO Service Delivery Senior Technician, HP Enterprise Services

Ingres Community Award (Session for Ingres and OpenROAD)
Annual Award to the most respected member of the Ingres community.


A Deeper Dive Into Some of OpenROAD 6.2's New UI Features
Tagged Values - Storing named data items: data, objects and resources - exactly where you need them, whenever you need them, prestored or runtime-added.
TreeViewFields - All the things you needed to do but couldn't with 5.1 - they are all in OpenROAD 6.2.
PropertyChanger - Property Changer is new in OpenROAD 6.2 and is a key enabler in modernizing the look and feel of existing applications.
Speaker: Bodo Bergman, Senior Software Engineer, Actian

OpenROAD 6.2 Loadnrun Deployment
Easy OpenROAD application deployment with Loadnrun. Loadnrun is now an official Actian OpenROAD supported feature. Find out what's new with Loadnrun and how deployment of OpenROAD images has never been easier.
Speaker: Chris Clark, Manager Engineering, Actian

OpenROAD 6.2 Display Generator
Display Generator is a new feature in OpenROAD 6.2 that creates application logic based either on existing tables in the database or user classes.
Speaker: Bodo Bergman, Senior Software Engineer, Actian

Styles and Sprites Demo
How Styles and Sprites can be used to create custom controls, behaviors and animations with a minimum of code.
Speaker: Joseph Kronk, Architect, Actian


PSQL Product Roadmap
This session will cover plans for PSQL products. Learn about the schedules for new releases and service packs as well as Actian PSQL Engineering's plans for support of key OS and hypervisor platforms.
Speaker: Woan-yoke Lau, Director of Engineering, Actian

What's New in PSQL v12
This general session will cover everything you need to know about what's coming in PSQL v12 (live database defragmenter, Unicode driver and data types for additional globalization support, license mobility, installation enhancements and updates to various database access methods..
Speaker: Chris Williams, Senior Manager Engineering, Actian

Online Database Defragmentation
Come to this session to learn how to boost your database performance with defragmenting. PSQL v12 debuts the new Database Defragmenter that supports live read and write access to the database while it is being defragmented! Improve your database performance without sacrificing business up time. Over time in a busy database, as records are repeatedly created, read updated or deleted, data can become fragmented,lengthening times for file access and transaction response. To maintain high performance, databases need to be defragmented. We'll show you how to diagnose and correct data fragmentation.
Speaker: Woan-yoke Lau, Director of Development, Actian

Performance Monitoring and Tuning for PSQL
Learn how to monitor and tune PSQL for your needs. Is your data cached or are you retrieving from disk? Are your cache parameters optimally configured? Are your SQL queries optimized? Are you transaction logs on the fastest spindle? In this session we will show how to monitor the database state, performance counters and query plans, as well as review configuration options for tuning.
Chris Williams, Senior Manager Engineering, Actian

Cloud-based Anytime, Anywhere Reporting for Your On-Premise PSQL Data
Learn how to run and scale PSQL deployments in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). With AWS, you can deploy multiple editions of PSQL in minutes with cost-efficient and configurable infrastructure resources, enabling scaling of compute resources associated with our PSQL database and enhancing availability and reliability. We'll show you how to push data from your on-premise database to the cloud for real time reporting of your data anytime, anywhere and the use of distributed PSQL client cache engines to provide high performance reporting.
Speaker: Tom Bates, Principal Software Development Engineer, Actian

Securing Your PSQL Data
Trying to secure your data files beyond what is provided by OS-level security? Come to this session to learn the different database security models available in PSQL.
Manager, Sustaining Engineering, Actian

Questions?  Email alex.sherwood@actian.com