ConnectedIngres Frequently Asked Questions
What is ConnectedIngres?
Actian ConnectedIngres is an end-to-end solution for designing, deploying and managing data integration with your Ingres application.

What is data integration?
Data integration is connecting data sources and targets, creating mapping and transformations and defining workflows to manage automation of integration processes.

Why is this important to Ingres application developers?
ConnectedIngres extends the value of Ingres applications by connecting them to data and applications inside and outside of the enterprise. This expands the value and reach of the application by a) increasing the information that the application can process and b) by better delivering the result to other related applications in the enterprise.

What’s an example of using ConnectedIngres to extend an Ingres application?
Start with an existing Ingres application that handles flight scheduling for a major airline. It tracks crew schedules, information about flight paths, weather and more. ConnectedIngres could extend the application by delivering data from internal maintenance scheduling applications, parts delivery schedules from shippers, and aircraft manufacturer systems for parts availability, software updates and more.

What is included with ConnectedIngres?
ConnectedIngres includes:
  • QuickStart Guide with step-by-step instructions from download to documented samples
  • Connectors for Ingres, other databases and flat files
  • One development and one production license
  • Sample integrations built specifically for Ingres
  • Online Training, Integration Community and Support
  • 24/7 support for critical issues (see support website for further details)

How do I connect more applications and data sources to Ingres?
When you’re ready to expand on the integration capabilities of ConnectedIngres, Actian DataConnect offers hundreds of additional connectors for any type of data.

How is ConnectedIngres licensed?
ConnectedIngres is licensed per server and per user. The end-user licensing agreement governs the use of the software. The ConnectedIngres license requires that Ingres be used as either a source or target.

Which versions of Ingres work with ConnectedIngres?
Connected Ingres has been tested with the latest versions of Ingres. We recommend using ConnectedIngres with Ingres 10, 10S and 10.2.

What hardware is required to run ConnectedIngres?
See the QuickStart Guide for more information.

Can I run ConnectedIngres on a VM?

How do I get support for ConnectedIngres?
The purchase of a ConnectedIngres license includes support. Phone, email, and online support are all available. 24/7 support for critical issues is also included. The DataConnect community is also a great support resource.

What kind of training is available?
The QuickStart Guide and online help are included with ConnectedIngres. In-depth three- and four-day training are available for purchase.

Why is Actian ConnectedIngres a better choice than a 3rd party product?
ConnectedIngres enables Ingres developers to extend the value of their application with data integration capability designed, delivered and supported by the same company selling Ingres licenses – Actian. Having both products coming from a single source means users will see none of the “not my fault” support challenges often faced by database application developers using 3rd party solutions.

Why is Actian ConnectedIngres an improvement on custom code?
Custom coded integrations are usually very targeted solutions – difficult to maintain or extend without the person who coded the application. Because custom code is a single instance, it will not have been tested to the same degree as a commercially available solution. Actian ConnectedIngres provides a platform and process that can be learned by a typical database application developer in a few days training. Integrations can be developed, extended and maintained with complete visibility into what the application is doing – meaning that it can be supported easily by a wide variety of developers – not just the original author.

Where can I learn more about ConnectedIngres?
Go to the Actian website to get the latest information or download the data sheet. You can access the QuickStart Guide. And – contact your Account Manager.

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